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Calling all beginners!

Get ready to kick-start your fitness journey with our brand new video made just for you!  Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to get back into it, this is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics and start building a strong foundation.

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About Me

Strong from the inside out

Welcome to BRSW Pre and Postnatal Fitness, where your journey to a stronger, healthier, and more confident you begins!

I'm Brooke, a passionate and dedicated fitness professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. As a #MumSafe Member and Safe Return to Exercise Accredited trainer, I specialise in providing safe and effective training for pregnant and postnatal women.

My mission is simple: to support and empower you throughout your pregnancy and postnatal recovery. I prioritize your well-being, ensuring that you train safely during pregnancy and regain your strength from the inside out after childbirth. But it doesn't stop there. I believe in transforming your mindset, helping you embrace exercise and nurturing a positive relationship with your body (#nomoreprebabybody).

Meet my fitness programs


Send me an email with a few words about what you are looking to achieve and I will help you to choose the course that suits your goals and physical abilities.

Thursday 10:30-11:30am

Small group sessions run from my home studio, consisting of pelvic floor and transverse abdominal activations, stretching, strengthening and mobility on the main muscles that get overworked with daily jobs, and a resistance band or dumbbell workout (depending on your stage and ability).  Classes run with the school terms, however you are welcome to trial…


time for you to focus on you, so you can give the best of you to the ones you love

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Once Postnatal always Postnatal – like forever more!

I used to think being postnatal had an end to it, like you went back to “normal” after about a year or two of giving birth.  But I, like many, are wrong in thinking that you stop being postnatal after a period of time.  Once you have had a baby you are postnatal FOREVER! I

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